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March 21, 2006

Geraldyn “Jerrie” Cobb

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It is with great excitement that I am compiling my culture site about Jerrie Cobb, the first American female tested for the Space Program.  Back in the early 60s, the United States was concerned about getting a man in space, a feat that the Soviets had already accomplished.  Once that goal was met, certain individuals began to ponder what the effects of space would have on a woman.  Would they be able to tolerate the extremes?  Testing on Jerrie Cobb began in 1961.  Her results were so remarkable that the testing was continued.  In the end thirteen women passed the rigors of extensive testing to became candidates for the Women-in-Space Program.  Some were speculating that a woman was actually better suited for space than a man.  Shortly thereafter, however, the plug was pulled.  Under no circumstances would an American woman go up in space.

It would be another twenty years before a female American would go up in space.   Almost twenty years after the Soviets sent a woman up.  Who would have thought that the Soviets would be so much further advanced?  Why wouldn’t the United States take advantage of the resources they had available?  And what did having the Space Program taken away do to the woman that was slated to be the first American woman in space?  Jerrie Cobb’s life was drastically altered when this opportunity was ripped from her.


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