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March 5, 2006

Financial Analysis Project

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March 4, 2006

Financial Analysis Project Research

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My dream vehicle is a Chevy Suburban.  (I choose the 2004 model, because it is gently used, yet drastically reduced from the brand-new selling price by about $14,000!!!)  But I wanted to do a bit of research and compare it to the Ford Excursion and GMC Yukon XL.  I went to Kelly Blue Book’s online site where I was able to directly compare the three vehicles.  Here’s a link to the comparison:


After the comparison, I decided on the Suburban.  The Excursion is too big and the Yukon XL doesn’t offer anything much different, but it’s more expensive.  My next step was to go back to Kelly Blue Book and get a private party price.  (I prefer not to work with dealers — they’re usually too expensive.)  Here’s what I found:


I should be able to find an ’04 Suburban in good condition for about $23,000.

As far as a trailer is concerned, I will set a limit of $15,000.  The practical side of me refuses to pay more than that for a recreation activity that will only be used occasionally.  So that’s the amount I will budget for. 

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