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Awards and Honors

Over the years, Jerrie has received numerous awards and honors for her remarkable flying abilities (Jerrie Cobb Fact Sheet, The Jerrie Cobb Foundation):

  • Awarded Amelia Earhart Gold Medal of Achievement.  1949.
  • Set four World Aviation Records for Speed, Distance, Absolute Altitude (2).  1957-60.
  • Named Woman of the Year in Aviation.  1958.
  • Receives Amelia Earhart Memorial Award.  1957.
  • Named Pilot of the Year by the National Pilots Association.  1959.
  • First woman awarded Gold Wings of the Federacion Aeronautique International, Paris, France
  • Named Captain of Achievement by the International Academy of Achievement.
  • One of nine women selected by Life Magazine as the “100 most important young people in the United States.”
  • Serves three years as consultant to Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Selected to be America’s first woman astronaut.  1959.
  • First and only woman to successfully pass all three phases of Mercury astronaut tests.
  • Appointed consultant to the Administrator of NASA, Mr. James Webb.  1961.
  • Testifies in Congressional hearings on women as astronauts.  1962.
  • Awarded Pilot Captain Wings.
  • First civilian ever given honorary rank in the Colombian Air Force.  1964.
  • Received Lady Hay Drummond – Jessie R. Chamberlin trophy for “humanitarian flying in Amazonas.”
  • Honored by the government of Ecuador for “pioneering new air routes over the Andes mountains and Amazon jungle.”  1965.
  • Honored by governments of Brazil, Colombia, Peru for “humanitarian flying serving primitive tribes.”
  • Honored by the government of France for “outstanding flights serving isolated peoples.”
  • Awarded the Harmon International Trophy for “top woman pilot in the world” by President Nixon at White House ceremony.  1973.
  • Receives the Bishop Wright Air Industry Award for her “humanitarian contributions to modern aviation”.  1979.
  • Inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame as “the most outstanding aviatrix in America.”
  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  1981.
  • Honored by the Amazonas Comisaria for “life-saving jungle flights.”  1986.
  • Receives Pioneer Woman Award for her “courageous frontier spirit” serving primitive Indians.
  • Inducted into the Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame.  1990.
  • Inducted into Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame.  2000.

The Early Years

Jerrie the Astronaut

What Happened to the Women-in-Space Program?

Awards and Honors


Technology at the Time

Jerrie Now




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