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Jerrie Cobb is the perfect example of an extraordinarily talented person being discriminated against because of her gender.  She had a phenomenal talent and was technologically gifted.  Tragically, she was denied her right in history because she lived in a sexist society of men that were too insecure in their masculinity to allow a woman into their arena. 

Unfortunately, it’s not only a loss for Jerrie, who was never able to realize her full potential: it’s a loss for our entire society.  We will never know the kinds of advancements and discoveries she could have made had she been given the chance.  And I think the men that denied her the opportunity knew this.  They were afraid that she would be able to accomplish things that they could only dream of.

And they were probably right.

The Early Years

Jerrie the Astronaut

What Happened to the Women-in-Space Program?

Awards and Honors


Technology at the Time

Jerrie Now




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