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I’m using Microsoft Access.  It’s a new program for me, so I’ve had to tinker around with it quite a bit.  Since I’m not doing a real sophisticated project, I’m sure it’s going to work out fine.

If I can manage to keep it up, this database could prove to be invaluable.  I think just having the basic customer information will be helpful for contacting prior customers when sales or new catalogs become available.  Since I don’t anticipate doing specialized mailings, I’m not sure that the detailed info about their prior purchases is necessary.

The primary function of this database will be to use it to make mailing labels to send out catalogs or promotional flyers.  It will also be beneficial to have the customers’ phone numbers at my fingertips when it’s time to re-schedule parties with the new catalog.

Below is a screenshot of my Customer Report:

 HGP Customers.GIF


Below is a screenshot of my Home & Garden Party Customer Database, with each field named.

HGP Customer Data1.GIF

I chose to use Microsoft Access because it was the most readily available program.  I’ve also had some experience with Filemaker Pro. 

Although I chose to use Microsoft Access because it was available on my computer, I found that there are other free database programs available.

In January, IBM released a free downloadable version called DB2 Express-C  for Window and Linux systems.  It can be found at http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/db2/udb/db2express/.

I also found another site that had a list of numerous free database programs.  It might be worth exploring.  http://www.free-downloads-center.com/database.



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