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The purpose of this exercise is to help the user learn how to insert a photo that is saved on your computer into a Microsoft Publisher publication and create your own photo card. 

With today’s popularity of home desktop publishing and scrapbooking-type projects, this is a handy little trick to have up your sleeve!  And once completed and people are oohing and ahhing over the finished project, the project designer will such a sense of satisfaction!

The example I use is of my kids.  You can also use this for pictures of your pets, of you and your sweetie, or anything else that you want to share with others.  Another project I like to do with this is to upload cartoon characters or themes and create custom birthday invitations for my kids.  The possibilities are endless!

The development of my lesson was step-by-step in a very methodical manner.  I started from scratch and recorded the first step in words (on paper) and took a screenshot of that step.  Then I went to step two and recorded the instructions and did another screenshot for that.  I then proceeded to step three and did the same thing.  When I progressed through all the steps and had a completed project, I went into my WordPress blog and typed my instructions and uploaded my screenshots (.jpg files).

I chose to deliver my lesson via WordPress because it enabled me to make it readily available to those that want to learn how to accomplish this sort of project.  The lesson is delivered online in my blog via WordPress with screenshots of Microsoft Publisher, a common desktop publishing application.  The audience for this tutorial is students and professionals who are learning to use Microsoft Publisher.  Basic computer experience is required.

I used Print Screen Deluxe to take a picture of each step in the process.  This enables the viewer to progress step by step in a methodical manner, which provides for ease of project completion.  I then uploaded the .jpg files into my WordPress blog, which is a newly acquired skill from the Database project.  Uploading the .jpg files into my WordPress blog provides a usable, readable example to the student as they are doing the project.

Lesson Objective

As I mentioned, there is simply one objective for this lesson: learn how to insert a photo (saved on your computer) into a Microsoft Publisher publication and create your own photo card.

Personal Experience

This is my first experience teaching any sort on design method online.  I am hopeful that my step-by-step instructions can help the user easily navigate the process.
Necessary Tools
To complete this lesson you will need:

  • A photo of your choice already downloaded on your computer
  • Microsoft Publisher software, which is available with some versions of Microsoft Office.

And here we go!

The Process

1.  Begin with Microsoft Publisher open.  Choose the “Blank Publications” thumbnail at the top of the page to get out of Wizard.


The purpose of this exercise is to help the user learn how to insert a photo that is saved on your computer into a Microsoft Publisher publication and create your own photo card.  

2.  You will need to decide what size you want your finished project to be.  Do you want it full page, so it can be a newsletter of sorts?  Or do you want it to be a postcard size, with very little room for communications?  Or what about in a card style?  I’m choosing the “tent card” size for my example.  So, double-click on your page size, and let’s begin!


3.  Before I add any fancy touches or design, I upload my picture.  To do this click:  Insert, then click Picture, and finally From File….  You then need to go to the folder where your photo is stored. 


When you locate the photo you want, double-click on the file name.  And voila!  Your photo appears in your Microsoft Publisher Publication.

4.  You may need to resize the photo to fit the area.  Do this by clicking and dragging the sizing squares located on the corners and middle edges of the photo.


5.  When you’re happy with the size, it’s time to play!  On the top left panel, click on Design to view the designs that are available.  I am using ARGYLE for my sample. 


Once you choose your design, you may have to further adjust the size.

6.  From the top left panel again, choose Color Scheme.  Experiment and see which color scheme you like best for your project.  I chose IVY to give it a Christmas-y feel.


7.  Once you’re finished with your color scheme, if you’ve picked the tent card format, go to the bottom center and click on Page 2.  This will take you to the inside for your message.


8.  To insert text, go to the far left tool bar and click on A (Text Frame Tool).  Then go to the page and click-and-drag to design your text box.


9.  To compose your message, start typing away!  You may want to adjust your font and size (on the top tool bar, just like Microsoft Word).


10.  When you are satisfied with your publication, make sure it’s saved.  Now you can print your hard copies to share with everyone!

Your Complete Project

When you are finished, you will have a beautiful phot card to share with others.  Here’s what my completed project looked like:

teach         PS0002.jpg

Front of Card               Inside of Card


Examples of Others

Microsoft Office Online has a great tutorial Celebrate the Holidays

They also have an additional one Reach Out to Customers and Friends

Additional Resources

To get additional information you can visit the following websites for Microsoft Publisher Tutorials:

About.com provides many tutorials for varying aspects of Publisher.

Learning Electric is an educational technology company that provides free support for school districts.

Bay City Public Schools also has multiple tutorials designed for its district personnel.



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